Social Media Marketing

Up to about 10 years ago the terms Facebook and Twitter had little meaning to most people. But today everyone is familiar with them.  From young to old people are connecting through social whether it be with friends, dating or interacting with brands and businesses.

This is where you as a business have to come in and digital marketing is so important.  In order to survive and grow social media marketing (SMM) needs to be part of your online marketing tookit.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Goals

All your social media activities need to link back to defined marketing goals.  Even before this you need to get your assets together to fuel any campaign.

  • Great copy
  • Multimedia (photos and videos)
  • And a strategy for your SMM

Assets may sound a bit daunting but underneath any great social campaign for your business, there needs to be a constant eye on creating material.  Whether creating it from scratch or repurposing existing material it needs to happen.  the social media machine never sleeps with the explosive growth of smartphones and the energy and attention that is put into these digital assets will pay dividends if you adopt the right approach.

SMM Journey

When embarking on your Social Media Marketing journey you need to

  • Determine Your Target market:  Does your ideal audience use social media? If so what channels do they use most.  It is important to work it out through research and analysis.
  • Public reach. Social media blurs the lines between personal and public content. Users can rate and slate your business very quickly and visibly, so make sure you have at least a basic policy for working online.  It helps to define even in a one-page document what you share, what you don’t  share and the acceptable language to use (in terms of tone and approach)
  • Ongoing nature. Social media is not a six-week campaign—it has a calendar with no endpoint. So planning to stick with is important.

When Social Media Marketing is planned, done creatively and regularly and is directed at the right audience for you it will generate results.  The tools although easy to use need to have the source material to be created so that it stands out from the endless stream that social media is on an ongoing basis.