3 Simple Tips to Kickstart Your Social Media Marketing

Doing nothing on social excep reading is easy. Sit gripping your phone, scrolling, reading and not contributing. But for a business social media is a marketing tool. But how to do it, what should I do, how should I start, what should I say, where to begin.

We tend to overanalyze social media too much for the day to day engagement and it before looking at 3 very simple tips it is worth remembering that it is a stream and what you post today will be forgotten tomorrow (unless of course, it goes viral!).

So here are the 3 tips I give all my clients to give them that kickstart on social.

Engage, Engage, Engage

If you did nothing else but engage with the people you follow social would deliver value to you. People like to engage, chat and be liked on social. Whatever the platform say to yourself that you will try and engage every day. Put some time away to read your stream, do some liking, commenting and sharing.

Don’t do this like an automaton just to generate the activity. Do it for businesses and people that you actually are interested in. Your goal shouldn’t be to try and get a business contact it should be to actually enjoy social and well be social.

If some business does come from it well that is a bonus.

You may say this is a massive waste of time – it isn’t. Think about how hard it is to get your brand in front of people. Social is generally free and with some concentration and attention, you can in any given day get your brand front and centre in front of quite a number of people just by engaging alone.

Some Content Please – Something

Content can be anything. It needn’t be a 200-page white paper or a 800-word blog post. I find clients with social accounts go into inertia due to the fact that when they haven’t something perfect they do nothing. I check their social accounts and they haven’t done ANYTHING in months.

Of course, it is great to share that amazing piece of content and I strongly encourage doing this and putting planning time to creating it. But we all lead busy lives and as social IS that stream you should work to keep your streams active. It needn’t even be something about your business.

Share something business related you have read online that you think others might find interesting.
Share something that people you follow have posted that you found relevant and thought-provoking.
Post a personal note about what you are doing at the moment work wise.

Now these three points are not hard or complex. They are just habits to get into. I use a variety of tools to allow me to post to my various social channels. Feedly to read the latest news in a variety of business niches and Buffer to schedule my posts. Using these two tools alone takes a lot of heavy lifting out of my social media day

Finally Be Normal

We all screen out the hard advertising we see all the time on social media. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to spot something that is blatantly self-promoting. There is nothing wrong with this but don’t do it all the time. 1 in 10 is a rough rule. Sometimes a little lower maybe even a little higher.

Don’t always be selling people will ignore, unfollow and dislike it.

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