Online Writing Tips for the Web

I am not a professionally trained writer.  But I have researched in depth what is the best way to write great content and have read at length both web pages and books.

Here are 10 simple tips that you should use when writing online.

  1. Write short sentences.  People have short attention spans.  Don’t assume they are in front of a big screen.  They may be on mobile. Edit ruthlessly.
  2. Write short paragraphs.  Classical writing style for print says don’t do this.  But as for above we bore easily.  Cut the paragraphs to at most 3-4 lines.
  3. Use short words.  Don’t try and look clever by using big words.  Again edit carefully.  If you do need to use a technical term then explain it.  If you use an Acronym explain it.
  4. Don’t assume your readers are experts.  They may think they are but you are the expert really.  Take the time to tease out topics carefully.
  5. You can’t squeeze everything into one article.  At most address 1-2 areas.  Again you will lose your online reader quickly if you wander over many topics.
  6. Long articles are good for Google but there is n sin in doing something short and punchy. I sue Posts and Pages all the time on my sites to help me answer the questions I get asked.
  7. Use bulleted lists or numbered lists to outline difficult facts.
  8. EDit carefully.  I am a terrible speller and write way to fast.  I always need to step aside and take 10 minutes to read what I write and always find mistakes.
  9. Get feedback from people who will give you feedback.  Not “Oh that’s so cool”.  Real comments.
  10. Always be editing.  A post or page will always age.  I pop articles into a Google Sheet and when I have time I go back and edit and improve.

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