Man Bags, Content and Pace

I was at a Roger Waters concert last night.  The concert was was amazing and as we were shuffling out at the end  I noticed a guy in front of me had one of those leather over the shoulder hipster bags with a laptop in it..

I wondered why he brought this with him to the concert.  So yes weirdly I tapped him on the shoulder and asked.

He didn’t think I was weird but said he worked for himself and knew he would have some downtime prior to the concert so got some work done while he was in a coffee shop.

We left it at that.  He didn’t call security either.

In a parallel universe I have a a client who I had given some content advice for her website. There were some gaping content holes that with a modicum of effort would have increased the business rankings.  She had paid me for a consult and I gave her a detailed plan to improve here traffic mostly based on new content.

She hadn’t got to even creating the first words 3 weeks later.  Creating this content would have definitely increased her rankings for several areas as the search competition for the terms I advised her on is modest and 4-5 articles of 3-400 words in length would have been of massive benefit.

Man bag man would have crushed it.

Working on your online activities is a job that will make you money.  Some things work, some don’t .  You try, redo, test, and, fail, then you succeed and start all over again.

I am man bag man when it comes to content and marketing.  It’s what I do all day, into the evenings and often late at night I come back into the office and do some more.  I learn from doing.  I write notes on my phone when out and about.  I take photos for ideas.

Everything I know about online I learnt myself from hundreds of hours of work.  And I am still learning every day.

Being successful online is all about pace and working at a fast regular steady pace.  Ignoring that means you fail and are overtaken.

I am man bag man.

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