How We Work

We are the first to admit that online marketing and website design IS confusing.  IT covers a wide wide range of activities and skill sets.  You can study it now as a degree course. So trying to explain it in 10-15 minutes is impossible,

But the goals are relatively simple.  The goals of a digital marketing campaign and a well-built website is to get you customers and make you some money.

The journey varies of course from business to business and every customer and business is different.  Even with identical businesses.

Our goal when we first meet a client is to understand their business and their goals.  Then and only then do we put a plan in place.  The technicalities vary and the level as well as you may have limited budget and bandwidth or a high bandwidth and budget.  The important thing is that we make sure that you understand what is achievable and work to achieve.

Underneath all the technical stuff is a lot of hard work on our part.  We work incredibly hard to understand your business, and your market in a very short time and in parallel work to grow your reach from wherever it stands at the moment.

If this interests you then get in touch….