How We Quadrupled A Clients Website Traffic in 4 Weeks

SEO for Small Businesses

One of our clients had a website that he knew wasn’t cutting the mustard.  His business wasn’t dependent on the website but the site had been in place for several years and knew as he wasn’t getting many leads from it.

We met up had a chat and I did a little investigation. I looked at some the top hitters that I see for most websites in this problem area areas and implemented some the items described below which in about 4 weeks delivered  results.

Website Traffic

First thing I do off the bat with all customers is to set up Google Analytics on their website.

Accurate statistics are a critical part of digital marketing.  Google Analytics delivers a treasure trove of information about your website visitors and how they behave on your website.

I put this in place and let it collect analytical data for a week.  Google Analytics is free and once installed should be a core part of your your marketing and content creation.

After about 9-9 days I checked his Analytics and as I suspected his website daily traffic was about 5-6 visitors per day.  A pretty poor trickle of visitors really.  This is very typical with content light,poorly optimised websites.  Many sites look well designed but when it comes to traffic usually it is minimal.

Then I got to work.

Content Creation

The client had a range of services and only 5 pages on his site.

The content even on these was pretty light so I updated these (made them longer with more detail) and I  created 8 additional pages outlining his other  services

On each page, I added a contact form and his phone number clearly (it wasn’t very clear on his old site) so there was plenty of options for visitors to connect with him when they did get to his site.

I made sure these pages were related to terms that people were searching for and submitted them to Google so that they could be found by them.

I also put a blog in place and we created 3 decent blog posts about what he did and some news on activities he was up to.

Blogging can be a useful marketing tool and a signal to search engines when done correctly.

Site SEO

I then did some technical SEO on the site and individual pages to give them a better chance of being seen.  This involved setting up an SEO plugin, adding a sitemap and fixing a lot of titles and missing titles from the pages.

Google looks for a sitemap and having it loaded to your Google Search console is really important.

He hadn’t Google Search Console setup either (nor had he analytics) so with that we could see the how from a very top level his traffic and clicks were improving.

Google Local Business (Google Maps)

You may have noticed in search results that there is often a map listing up of 3 results.

This is known as the 3-pack (because there are three maps).  Of course you can click and view more but this is rare.

Google offers a free service – Google Local Business- to add your business to this listing.

Once you have done this you, of course, you probably will not show up in the 3 pack.  I created a listing for this business and he is now middle of page one of the results.  In addition, I put in tracking to see the clicks to this website link from this listing.

At this stage, I am still working to try and get him into the 3-pack as this takes a lot more work than 4 weeks.  But he is getting clicks from it – see results below.

Social Media

He had a business Facebook page but wasn’t active on it. With the blog posts above now created, we shared them on his business page (which meant people could click back to the site).  I also set up a feed for related business news that I shared 4-5 times per week over the 4 week period to intersperse his content with other industry related news.

We are exploring other social media areas at the moment.

The Results

After 4 weeks the results were very positive.  The combination of new content, social media and the maps listing alone have resulted in him getting between 18-24 visitors per weekday to his website.  He is getting 1-2 more contacts per week (phone calls and emails) and is very pleased with the results.

What’s Next?

We plan to double down on the content and create more information on the services pages.  We are pricing doing Google Ads and setting a budget for this.  On social media, we plan to blog a little more and up the tempo on Facebook posting.

All of the above was done with a relatively modest amount of work over a 4 week period and the client has signed up for a 3-month contract to do even more and get more results.  There are several other areas that will be of benefit to him (Facebook Ads, boosted posts, deeper blogging, addition tousefull business directories) so I am confident that his traffic and business will grow even more as a result.

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