Getting New Customers Through Digital Marketing

If you are looking for an article that reveals the magic formula for suddenly transforming your online business into a money making machine in 14 days then you are in the wrong place. Luckily you can find plenty of these online and for a small fee to do a great course (spoiler it doesn’t work).

But there are of course digital marketing techniques that need to be the backbone of being successful online and as the guys at marketing events say will help you to “crush it. More importantly they will aid you in getting that customer or customers that you are looking for.

Let’s look at them.

Don’t worry there is no technical geeky stuff here just what I know has worked for me and for my clients down through the years.  Don’t forget however you can study Digital Marketing now on a 2 or 3 year course so the field is pretty dense these days. This article is more about the realities of how digital marketing actually works.

Bandwidth for Digital Marketing

Like you I have lots of plans, ideas and notebooks, scraps of papers for things I want to do in work, business and life itself.  I am a compulsive note taker and planner.  Lists are what I live by.  But I don’t get to all of them all the time.

The same applies to Digital Marketing.  Irrespective of whether you hire someone or decide to do it yourself you need to allocate time to it.  I advise that you do allocate time every week (even 15 minutes a day) where you “think online marketing”. If you work with a company like us you will still need to work on some rudimentary planning of content and direction and review anyway.

So why bother with any digital marketing at all you ask?

  • More and more people find their information, products and news online.  How many times did you check your phone in last hour? So you need to understand how digital marketing works even form a very high level.
  • Mobile is now a monstrous part of marketing and having a web and social presence might not necessarily be the backbone of your business it needs to be a pillar of your business.
  • People are starving for content.  Despite the web growing exponentially every second people still want more.  The better it is for the audience you have in mind the more they will come back and refer you to others.

With an online marketing plan you can fuel these potential customers needs. But you need to have some core principles first.

Digital Marketing Content – Less Is More

It is so easy these days to Tweet, post on Facebook and create blog posts and news articles.  You can bash out something anything in a half an hour.  You can send 10 tweets, 10 posts on Facebook and bash out an article in under an hour.

I say stop right now and think of this.

What do you want your viewers to see?  Even if you only have 10 followers or a 100 or a 1000.  What do you want them to think of you in those micro seconds when they (might) see what you produce for the first time?  You really only have those few seconds for that first engagement.  Doing it right pays off.

This isn’t meant to put you in a state of procrastinating paralysis and end up doing nothing.  There are two parts to this that start with your content that you need to think about.

Digital Marketing Content – Message and Format

Firstly even if you are not the best writer or greatest image creator you should approach everything in the following manner.

  • What do I want to say?
  • Who do I want to engage with ? It is as important to engage as to broadcast out all the time.
  • What formats to I want to use? We strongly recommend that you spend time building up a content calendar and library.
  • What mediums do I want to use?
  • Am I prepared to edit carefully and make sure that everything I write is correct and meaningful?

Then you need to think about upping the bar in quality.

Digital Marketing content – High-End Content

This is what tends to scare people off sometimes and induce the previously mentioned paralysis.  Everyone is looking for the most interesting, most visually appealing, best material they can find online.  We have all been on social media or searching and got frustrated as what we searched for or clicked on didn’t tick any of these boxes.

Your goal should be that what you share is.

  • Interesting, relevant and timely.
  • Well written.  Even for a tweet or a blog post you should spend sometime editing and copywriting.
  • Have the best visuals possible if you are using visuals to capture peoples eyes.
  • Deliver actual value.

Now this isn’t always possible.  It is quite OK to send a two line tweet or a Facebook post that is short and sweet.  But you need to be always trying to up the bar.  I have been using social and the web for decades and I am still learning.

If this hasn’t scared you away for jumping on the digital marketing bandwagon then read on.

Ladders, Targeting, Buyer Persona

There is an old analogy about there is no point in climbing that long ladder if it is against the wrong building.  Many people start off with their digital marketing in the completely wrong direction and scarily continue to do so for so long.

Most customers when they start off business have this dream of the perfect customer.  He or she doesn’t exist.

You probably already know the profile of your customers as amazingly it is the profile of the customers you already have. You need to sit down and write down what these customers are looking for in terms of information and provide it online to them in as much detail and to a written level that they can process.

Identifying your target audience from your current audience is critical and is the bedrock of digital marketing.

Sure you may want to target big pharma but for the moment look at your buyer’s persona (as it is termed) and address their needs comprehensively.

Digital Marketing is Hard Work

Of course, all jobs are hard work.  The one thing about digital marketing (in whatever form it is delivered) is that is hard work.  That blog post you spend 2-3 hours getting right may not get instant (or any) traction.  That page on a specific service you write may get no visitors.  That social media post you through was so amazing might be completely ignored.

A lot of what digital marketing is is intangible but with hard work, revision, focus, and imagination it does deliver over time.  It is 100% a process and an unending process in most cases.

But it does generate its rewards.

Digital Marketing Requires Expertise

Digital marketing does need expertise.  You need to understand the tools, how to use them best and keep an ear to the ground on the latest trends that might help you get that added edge.  With expertise, of course, you can do things faster and cleverer and do 3 times what the nonexpert can do.  But don’t forget if you don’t  allocate time in the first place you will go nowhere.

When I work with clients who don’t have the expertise (which is mainly the case) I need them to dedicate time to at a minimum to produce the raw content and ideas.  During my engagement with them I build up a lot of knowledge about their space and what they do and the engagement becomes much more productive and fruitful

But it is a team approach.

Whether you choose to blog, do video, podcasts, go crazy on social media or all of the above allocating a time in your already busy schedule to think about that will fill these areas is important and will fuel the success.

The Technical Aspects of Digital Marketing

This post isn’t to dig into the many areas of digital marketing as there just isn’t enough space and the main site has pages on each of these.  Suffice to know it doesn’t make sense to do everything nor can you initially.  Building up a war chest of content and ideas is what does help though and putting that little space in your calendar to put on your marketing hat.


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