Facebook Advertising for Product Launches

Facebook is a great tool for launching products.  It can of course drive sales but for getting visibility and making product noise it is perfect.  When you carefully use its targeting features it can get a lot of eyes on your brand and product.  Here are some tips to mae the best use of Facebook for your next product or service launch.

Create an Amazing Facebook Ad

Work on your ad so that is clear, engaging, has easy to understand messages and has the best visual possible.  This is the core of your campaign and spending time on it gives payback.  It doesn’t hurt to try out 2-3 different Ads in different demographics and targeted areas. Which leads us on to.

Target and Budget

Target the right demographic for your product and tweak it till you get the best engagement.  Set a small budget for a range of Ads and then double down on the ones that give you the best results.

A Facebook campaign is very organic and needs to be adjusted as you monitor all the data that Facebook and your website provides.

Create a Great Landing Page

It is pointless sending people to a mediocre landing page.  you should put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyer and make the landing page one that is engaging and has a positive funnel to some sort of engagement (buy, sign up, follow, give feedback).  You really should put a lot of careful thought into how you do this and be prepared to adjust it during your campaign.

Track Visitors Behaviour

Using one of the many tools out there you can track how people behave when they click through to your page.  See how they move around and take note if you see a lot of bounce (hitting the back button) when they seem confused.  It often helps to have some A/B testing on two different campaigns and pages to see which works best.

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