Automating Your eMail

Everyone loves email and hates it in equal measures.

We often get too much and in our busy days it can intrude.  I find that I often end up sending the same emails again and again.  This is unavoidable as people do ask the same questions.  Here is how I reduce the amount of time that I spend on email while also managing my email more productively from my website.

Auto Responder and CRMs

These two terms may sound a bit complicated but really they aren’t.  When I get an email from my contact form it is usually about website design or marketing as funnily enough that is what I do.

I spent a lot of time wondering how I could best answer customers very fast as more and more I found when I respond quickly I increase my chances of winning the business.  Also people want a quick response.  We live in a fast moving world and people don’t  want to wait.

I used to have a boiler plate answer in a text file that I used to open the email, scna it and paste and reply.  It worked fine but when I was busy or not at my desk or just plain forgot this didn’t work.  Yes the forget is he worse part as with soe much email the query or lead would drift down my Inbox and get lost in my memory and list of To Dos with other items.

Enter Pipedrive.  Pipedrive is a CRM – Customer Relationship Managmement system that I have used for several years for managing my leads and clients.  Now when you email me from my website the following happens.

  • You get an email back immediately with information and and additional more detailed form to fill in (something I may change soon as it adds time to the process for  clients).
  • The persons details get added to the form in the CRM above and I don’t  lose them.

Now the first thing I do every morning is open my CRM and check my leads.  Pipedrive also has inbuilt features that when you move a lead to different stages it sends more emails.

I also have it integrated with my Proposal system (Pandadoc) to allow me send quick and detailed proposals to clients as well.

Simple Automation of eMails

If the above seems daunting then even having some text files of boilerplate responses that you can drag and drop into emails does help.  Or just have an FAQ page that you send a link automatically using your websites contact forms auto responder.

Either way you should 100% be automating a large percentage of your email.  It may sound cold and lifeless but it can improve your customer onboarding massively.  By doing above I estimate I increased my bottom line 25-40% in the past years and I am not finished in how I automate what I do.

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